Freedom of Religion

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know, I’m a Christian. 

I watch a lot of youtube videos. I’m not gonna lie. I spend a good chunk of my time watching youtube videos, learning new things, trying to see how I could improve my own content and sometimes when you’re doing that you end up finding yourself in the ‘weird’ part of youtube. This just happened to me. I came across a video entitled “Just Say No To Birth Control”. 

I won’t mention the username, but if you’re interested in the video you could search the title and find it pretty fast. 

She’s a young American model, I’m not sure how old she is. But she’s involved in nude photo shoots, amongst other things. She’s a Conservative and was very pro-Romney in the last election. 

She uses this video to basically tell her rather large following that she believes that birth control should be made illegal. Although she says something like “I wouldn’t actually say that because it’s a little extreme.” However she says that she pays taxes and her taxes should not be wasted on ‘lazy’ and ‘stupid’ girls who don’t want to pay for birth control and that there are ‘plenty’ of organisations set up to help girls in that situation. She says something along the lines of “I’m Catholic, and you’re starting to encroach on my freedom of religion by saying this. I am an American. I have my rights.” She also wants to use the word ‘slut’ to describe someone, but dances around it.

Did you hear that sound? It was my head hitting against the wall. Repeatedly.

She also uses the phrase ‘feminazi’ to describe anyone who doesn’t believe birth control should be illegal. 

So basically, she’s using her freedom to try and take away someone else’s. 

And unfortunately, that’s the way the world seems to view Christianity, when that’s not the case at all. In the first world, we ARE blessed with freedom of religion. We are able to express what we believe without fear of the government killing us. We can say “I don’t agree with that” and not be arrested. But it doesn’t just apply only to you. Freedom of religion, free speech, any freedom you have is a freedom shared by any other member of your country. Or at least, that’s how it should be. 

Also, she mentions “This is against my religion.” It’s not. It’s against your beliefs. There’s a difference. There are plenty of Christians in the world who believe that birth control should be widely available, especially to girls who are in desperate need of it. Along with other things like same-sex marriage, abortion, even tattoos. But that’s not for this post.

People fail to realise that there are girls who are secretly on birth control because of their abusive partners. Their partners may be so controlling that they ban them from using it, they may be raped. In those situations, a girl (or any XX chromosomed individual) may need access to birth control fast. And, especially in the US, something like the Morning-After pill is extortionate. And imagine if birth control did get banned and some poor person ended up pregnant because of a rape, they couldn’t do anything about it because if you’re also against abortion. 

She also says that middle-aged male politicians do actually understand the plights of young women because they must have wives and daughters. I love my dad, but I doubt he’d have more insight as to being a (almost) 20 year old female as I do, you know, kind of being one.

The issue is yes, you have freedom of religion. That does not mean that you can try and stop something that you feel goes against your religion. Because a) that’s your interpretation of the religion and b) not everyone has the same beliefs. 

Saying “I’m offended” doesn’t automatically make you in the right. I wish more people understood that. 


2 thoughts on “Freedom of Religion

  1. What a gap there is that people choose to ignore between their beliefs and the reality of spirituality. I recognize the type of speech you mention where someone is “offended” because others dismiss their interpretation of what is siritually right.

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