Let’s Talk About Independence

In less than a month Scotland decides on whether we want to remain part of the United Kingdom or become our own independent country. This has sparked a lot of heated debates. This has also caused many arguments amongst people.

The Independence Referendum seems to also be the only time we’ve become more than comfortable asking people what way they’re voting and then bullying them for it. To be perfectly honest, it’s showing us in a horrible light. The way you are voting is entirely between yourself and the ballot paper.

I have no doubt that both the Yes Campaign and Better Together believe that they’re doing what’s right for Scotland’s future. I don’t believe anyone has taken a side on this debate thinking it’ll harm us. That being said, we’re all very quick to judge someone with opposing views to our own and in some situations doing so in a very aggressive manner. We’ve become forcing our beliefs on other people, whether it be oil reserves or military concerns or this blasted currency union talk. All of this points are valid and are good points to make, on both sides of the debate, but the hate and the anger going on between voters is ridiculous.

Just yesterday I was on my phone on the train, minding my own business, and I “liked” a Better Together picture on Facebook. The man next to me said something along the lines of “Figures you’d be unionist scum.” I was incredibly angry but decided not to get into some kind of debate about it. My opinions are my own. The way I feel is the way I feel. A random person has no right to call me out on a personal decision, nor does my friend or a member of my family.

I work in the tourism sector. My job is to tell people of Scotland’s history and our fantastic and amazing accomplishments. We are a tiny country that has produced things countries 5x our size can only dream of. I’m about to embark on a Scottish History and Archaeology degree. To be called “scum” by a man on the train who has never met me in his life sums up the entire reason I’ll be glad when the referendum is over, regardless of the decision that’s made.

Scotland’s reaction to independence makes me embarrassed to be Scottish.


One thought on “Let’s Talk About Independence

  1. Becca,

    Now you know why the USA is so messed up. The only advice I might have is to do what you want, vote how you want and love your country. When you meet someone like that jerkoff random man, just smile and say something nice. They are looking for a fight because they are miserable people. Don’t give them the pleasure of making you miserable.

    Love the posts and it seems that everything is good for you. Keep smiling and rock on!

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