Weak Foundations

“I don’t think I can fight this anymore. I’m listening with one foot out the door.”

I’m on the train, as I usually am since I work 2 hours from where I live. I originally wanted to write this for the libdemvoice but since I’ve only got access to my WordPress app this will need to do. The quote at the start of this post is from a song I’ve been listening to on this commute. It inspired me to write and whilst normally I’d not leave it in, it’s more than appropriate to how I’m feeling.

I joined the Lib Dems about a week or two before the General Election. I knew we were going to suffer badly but that didn’t change the fact that they seemed to be the party that made the most sense to me. I wear my pin on my jacket every day. There was a period of time I was really proud of being a liberal democrat.

Apparently we now stand for fighting and internal arguments over those who support one statement made by our new leader and those who oppose it. It’s almost like we’ve forgotten our numbers in parliament have been decimated or that we’ve got another election in Scotland (and possibly Wales? I can’t remember) next year that we need to start fighting for and should have already been fighting for.

Instead we’re fighting with one another and being vile and spiteful to someone who dares have a different opinion to us. Liberalism will die if we keep holding our hands over its airway. And that’s what we do when we fight with one another and suggest that others would be better suited in different parties.  Those who have joined the Lib Dems have done so because they feel it’s right for them. It’s actually not your place to tell them they don’t belong.

We need to shape up or ship out. A party is more than its leader and as members of course it’s our job to hold them accountable to the things they say. But the hatred and vitriolic attacks on one another do nothing but weaken an already damaged foundation.


One thought on “Weak Foundations

  1. Becca,

    Very difficult to follow a group of people that cannot focus on the goal and get caught up in personality differences and self-centered motives. I hope you find a great leader who can rally the masses and do the right things for the right reasons. If you are really looking for that person, go look in the mirror and I know you will find one capable candidate.

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