Nasty Women.

On International Women’s Day I want to make a post dedicated to all the ‘nasty’ women in my life who have made me the nasty woman I am today. Why nasty, you may ask. Well, because that’s one of the many ways the current US President has described women. Others being slobs, pigs, dogs. The list goes on.

The women who have raised me have shaped me into who I am today.

My grandma. A woman so headstrong and tough and amazing that she would have looked Satan himself in the face and told him to move because he was getting soot on the rug. A woman who made sure she was heard.

My granny. The woman who taught me that the phrase ‘Excuse me, but I was in the middle of saying something’ is not rude, but the person interrupting or speaking over you is rude. The woman who taught me how to command a room without the need to raise your voice.

My aunts who went after what they wanted in life and never apologised for it simply because someone disapproved.

My sister who taught me that there’s nothing wrong with gender roles as long as you’re the one making the decision that it’s right for you.

My mother. A woman who words simply cannot describe. A woman who tackles adversity head on. A woman who never seems to sweat the small stuff. A woman who can be strong and soft at the same time. A woman you wouldn’t dare cross, not because she is imposing or threatening but because she commands respect just by being.

If these women are nasty, then I hope I’m half as nasty as them.

And an honourary mention to the men in my life who never tried to limit me because of my gender.

And to all those who did, nice try.


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